Site Services

Onsite Automation Engineering Resources

While remote management and monitoring help via our PlantFloor24® global operations center can solve many problems, there are times when it is important to have MAVERICK technicians on site to interact directly with personnel, equipment, processes and automation systems. Naturally, there are specific projects, upgrades or repairs requiring help from time to time, but there are also tasks able to run on a schedule such as software updates and patches for controllers, and other items related to the automation system such as instrument calibration. Such tasks are important, but often neglected until they threaten production directly.

Site Services can send one or more technicians to your facility on a scheduled basis, typically monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly depending on your specific needs. Process facilities like having this assistance as a regular and predictable occurrence. Many facilities compile lists of tasks needing attention in anticipation of periodic visits from MAVERICK personnel. Every visit will not necessarily involve the same items, and the number of technicians and length of the stay can be adjusted as needed depending on the circumstances at the time.

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