Arc Flash Prevention

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Electricity is extremely dangerous in manufacturing settings, where personnel work on and around live electrical systems. Arc flash prevention is key. Even when your systems are well-maintained, the very nature of power distribution can put your facility at risk of arc flash — a quick burst of energy with potentially fatal and destructive results. Changes to your controls, design, operations, assets or the utility supply increase your risk over time, especially if these adjustments aren’t reflected in a holistic plant electrical distribution model. And the hazard can develop in any facility at any time. Avoid the risk with MAVERICK Technologies as your arc flash consultant.

We take the safety of our personnel very seriously, and so does MAVERICK. Thankfully, MAVERICK discovered issues that were putting us at risk for arc flash. They prevented what would surely have been a fatal catastrophe.
— Satisfied Customer, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The MAVERICK Approach

We have developed special expertise and capabilities in arc flash prevention through years of supervising electrical work across industries for global customers. We understand your energy demands and know how to design and maintain systems that support your operations. Not only do we use the industry’s most accurate assessment software to identify arc flash hazards, but we also have the capabilities to develop and deliver the improvements that will mitigate your risk.

MAVERICK can perform an extensive arc flash hazard analysis of your facility

On-site evaluation

We meet with your personnel, review your current operating settings and assess any existing documentation.

Data analysis

Our team analyzes the data from the on-site evaluation and creates a dynamic model of your electrical distribution system that can be maintained and referenced for years to come. After finalizing the model, we generate reports to determine your equipment’s incident energy levels and to recommend the right personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to guard against injury.

Report and review of the findings

MAVERICK presents a final report and a list of prioritized recommendations, allowing time to address specific questions and clarify next steps. For example, we might recommend improvements, such as coordinated trip times, selectable breaker trip settings, ultraviolet light detection and zone-selective interlocking.

System labeling

We produce and install arc flash labels in compliance with NFPA 70E. Each label communicates the hazard category, the arc flash hazard boundary and the incident energy for a particular piece of equipment so your personnel know the danger and the PPE required for working on and around it.


MAVERICK provides complete personnel training in compliance with OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements. Training topics include: how to read and understand the arc flash labels, how to wear and maintain PPE, and awareness regarding your facility’s particular danger areas.

Ongoing maintenance

MAVERICK will work with your team to maintain the developed model, reducing your risk and allowing for holistic modifications to your electrical power network as future changes occur.

Arc Flash Consulting Expertise

MAVERICK brings special insight and expertise to all projects, particularly arc flash prevention. We understand the challenges you’re up against, and we’ve got ample solutions to draw from. And based on our robust process knowledge and experience working in a variety of industries, MAVERICK has developed a proven methodology for implementing arc flash prevention programs that ensure the safety of employees and the bottom line. With MAVERICK at your side, you’ll always operate with confidence.